About William

Counseling Qualifications and Experience:

Diploma in Counseling. Certificate of Achievement in Abnormal Psychology for Councillors. Certificate of Achievement in Addiction Practices. Certificated Facilitator. Additionally have certificates of training in relationship counseling, working with couples, families, suicide, depression, grief and trauma many others.  Have done masses of training and attended seminars…

Prior to setting up my own practice, I spent four years, counseling one on one with Youthline clients.

Extensive Life Experiences, to me, means I am no stranger to what I work with at a personal level.  All the theory in the world, personal experience is the actual bond that unites, it is the difference between being ‘listened’ to, and actually being ‘heard’.

Additionally, I believe it is worth stating that being an NZAC Registered Counsellor means I undertook an extensive interview process. That I have demonstrated and shown evidence my training was at a recognised institute and that I hold the necessary qualifications. Have the experience regarding hands on client work. Update my skills regularly. Attend Supervision on a regular basis. Also Police checks have been carried out to ensure I have no convictions.

Additionally I am a Family Court Counsellor. This too incurred an extensive interview process as to my proven skills and qualifications regarding working with Relationships and understanding the needs of Children and much more.

A fully detailed CV with accompanying certificates of qualification, details of experience with references is available.

Pre Counselling Qualifications and Experience:

William is my given name though am also comfortable with Will or Bill. Was born in Scotland.

Had a variety of short term jobs prior my acceptance into the Royal Air Force: Air Force time was spent in UK and Germany. Gutersloh where the Lightening Aircraft Squadron was based. Then Cologne where I worked in with German Army managing the transfer of RAF accommodation.

Left RAF aged 24 where on I went to Sydney, Australia. Worked as an Office Supervisor and then Cost Accountant. In between jobs back packed around Queensland and New South Wales.

Returned to UK. Lived and worked (Temp Accountant) in London for a year prior to moving to New Zealand.

NZ. The First Organization worked as a Cost Accountant.  Second Organization, work was also accounting related, and included overseas secondments, London and Rarotonga.

1992. Took on Role of Facilitator… Trainer. Presenter. Running Workshops. Team Building. Work was extensively workplace improvement with the emphasis on improved customer relationships… resources that were made available to train to do the necessary functions were amazing.

Want to say at this point that Counselling and Facilitation are closely aligned. Each is quite distinct regarding skill utilization and yet each compliments the other.

Have had extensive Facilitation Training by some of the best in the business.

Besides qualifications gained in RAF and that which is relevant to Accounting.  Am also Trained and Certificated in Quality Improvement Facilitation and Process Management, Team building (Christchurch. Burnham Army Camp). Presented workshops and seminars. Coordinated and facilitated major events. Trained and worked in the areas of Conflict Resolution, Trained in Mediation (LEADR), Group Facilitation re Training Facilitators, Team Building in the Work Place, Teaching Problem Solving Skills, Coaching, Work Shop Presenter and Trainer. Strategic planning workshops. Trained in Project Management.  Training Team Leader. Mentoring Staff. Training in Baldrige Criteria.

Assessor for the New Zealand Business Development Quality Awards on four occasions.  Work Improvement Seminars… etc

Personal re Health Sector

Involved in Advocacy work with a special interest in Health Care and Mental Health.

Contact South City

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E: william.garden@xtra.co.nz

Mon – Fri 8am – 8pm (Weekends also Available)