“Relationship breakdowns are often about communication, financial and other like stresses, issues around children, anger, grief, addictions… the list is endless.”

When there are children in the relationship, how we go about managing our differences in the children’s best interest, is extremely critical to their future. There has been lots of research done around this area, a good deal of, which can be accessed via the net. If you are a parent of preschool, or school age children, and are dealing with relationship issues, it will probably be a good idea to access and get peace of mind.

Sometimes there is no specific name you could give your relationship problem. Whatever it is, or isn’t, you feel a need to air your feelings and thoughts. What takes place between two people in a relationship is very special and very personal… some stuff, yes, we can share, but mostly we don’t, not the deep meaningful bits that you can’t always get your head around… these bits we seldom tell anyone, not our best friend, not even our mum.

Counseling is a special relationship of sorts, as in regards to a support that is about being at one with yourself, mostly… not just the trust thing… but the spontaneity thing too, just feeling it’s okay to talk. It just helps the conversation flow that much easier.

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