Marriages, Couples…

Relationship breakdowns are often about communication, financial and other like stresses, issues around children, anger, grief, addictions… the list is endless.

Relationship breakdowns are rarely about one specific thing. More often than not it’s usually a combination of what we should have done, or could have done differently.
Working one on one, or individually we’ll work together to find the root of the issue and create and find a resolution.
Below are just some of the issues I have worked with, and continue to work with;

  • Blended family issues
  • A lack of Intimacy
  • The loss of a partner
  • Conflict resolution processes
  • Communication
  • Setting up parenting agreements
  • Where there has been Anger and Violence
  • Issues around Jealousy and being overly Possessive
  • Affairs
  • Wanting more from than the Relationship
  • Feeling alone and isolated
  • Self esteem Issues
  • Co-dependency
  • Addiction Issues
  • Internet Porn
  • Assisting couples Problem Solve
  • Assisting couples seeking separation or divorce
  • Same sex relationship Issues
  • Falling out of love With
  • Assisting couples re-engage
  • Disagreements that need resolving (mediation)
  • Assisting couples who are seeking commitment
  • The Coming out of a relationship (grief and resettling)
  • Compatibility issues
  • Couples who are in business together.
  • Internet relationships
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • The death of a Child
  • Retirement Issues
  • Sexuality within the relationship.
Sometimes it’s impossible to put a finger on your relationship issues. However what happens between the two people in a relationship is very special, very personal. Some issues we share and some we don’t. It’s these things we can’t always understand and don’t tell anyone about.

When a child is involved in a relationship, how we manage issues must also be in their best interest. There has been a huge amount of research on how this impacts the child’s future. If you’re the parent of a child and you’re dealing with relationship issues we must work for the best resolution. Just just for yourselfs but for their future as well.

Counseling is it’s own special relationship. It is supporting you to be comfortable with yourself and feel like it is okay to talk.

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